Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Today looks like to be an editorial free day for me. (Online anyway.) Hope there's no one worth arguing with in the news until tonight. This afternoon I have a meeting/interview with a documentary team. They do "History Channel" type productions. They are looking for something on New York's National Guard. Maybe a ground zero to the Sunni Triangle theme, but I don't know. Maybe an opportunity to pitch some ideas. I'll have to see.
I'll also be on the NY Post's op-ed page. It's basically a re-write of the Chuck Hagel piece down this page but it's a little different. For those with a morbid curiosity about the editorial process in the print world you can check out the changes.
In the meantime with some help from John In Carolina I hope to begin a national campaign to advocate for veteran and reserve students. I'm going to start with Campus group on Hunter and try to spread it immediately to the rest of the CUNY university system. For those who live beyond the Hudson, CUNY is a huge school with a dozen plus colleges. Its campuses are all administered seperately. I have some hopes for a Columbia chapter as well.
So here's what I'm thinking. Any one who has or does form a campus group for veterans and reseve advocacy lets get it together. I'm willing to build an umbrella organizationt. I'm thinking a very loose organization of affiliated local groups. I'm working out the details.
This way we can pool knowledge and our voices. But still remain locally oriented. Any suggestions or help is appreciated. I am going to work out the whole not for profit corporate thing, but fundraising will be needed. Right now I'm looking for suggestions not cash.
I know this isn't my normal speed, but I had to write something today. Betsy Newmark and the rest of Michelle Malkin's guest bloggers will have to provide your editorial fix today. But hey, if you live in NYC, spend a quarter or two on the Post will you? They owe me some money, so let's keep them in funds. Have a great day.


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