Wednesday, November 02, 2005

ACLU restricts rights!

Thanks to Bill O'Reilly for pointing out this story in the NY Sun. Liberal hypocrisy appears to know no bounds. It seems NYCLU, the New York branch of the ACLU, has decided that only the government needs to respect rights of New Yorkers to ACLU standards. The NYCLU the branch that is sueing the City of New York, sueing to stop random bag searches of persons entering the city's the subways, has instituted a bag search policy in their offices. That's right, New York's guardians of civil rights are searching all bags entering their offices.

So it appears that while the ACLU considers it unreasonable to search people getting on a large mass transportation system, of the sort that was attacked in London this summer, it's perfectly reasnoable to search persons entering the ACLU's New York offices. I hope that the corporation counsel for the City of New York is paying attention. This would certainly be good evidence to enter at trial, showing that the searches on the subways meet a standard of reasonable that the ACLU applies at its own facilities.

It MAY indeed be reasonable to search bags at the ACLU office, after all plenty of people want to blow up liberals. Although to my knowledge none of us has ever acted upon these urges. It is more reasonable to assume that at some point al-Qaeda may indeed re-use their subway strategy here in NY. Maybe we should all sue the NYCLU.

Thanks for the link at John In Carolina
Mudville Gazette
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