Thursday, March 02, 2006

25 People who are NOT screwing up America

I just Read Bernard Goldberg's 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America:and Al Franken is 37 . Both on target and hysterically funny it lists Goldberg's chosen worst American's. Esentially it's an anti-leftist work, although Golberg skewers a few ultra conservative nitwits too. He also invites us to share our own lists. While I agree that all his candidates are boneheads, as a NYer I would have included Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer over let's say Courtney Love and Michael Jackson. Of course it wouldn't have been as funny that way.

But we can turn from negativity. It's hardly exhaustive, but here's my off the cuff list of 25 American's who are giving it all to keep America from being screwed up. I don't necessarily agree with everyone of these people. But they all have three things going for them: Service, Integrity, and Common sense. Even when I disagree with them it's not because they are slaves to hysterical ideology. Anyway here are 25 of my favorite Americans, in no particular order.

1. General Peter Pace
2. Sen. John McCain
3. Chief Justice John Roberts
4. Bill O’Reilly
5. George Will
6. Tony Blankly
7. Christopher Hitchens
8. Matt Drudge
9. Col. H R McMaster
10. Joseph Lieberman
11. NYPD Commisioner Ray Kelly
12. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NY
13. Lt Gen. David Petraeus
14. Vincent Heintz (Manhattan ADA and Army National Guard Officer)
15. Brig. Gen. Daniel Bolger
16. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger
17. John Hawkins
18. Thomas Friedman
19. William Kristol
20. Condoleeza Rice
21. Robert Kaplan
22. Bernard Goldberg
23. Ralph Peters
24. Zalmay Khalilzad
25. Greg Kehoe

As seen on The Mudville Gazette

The Defense of Mario Lozano


Anonymous Jason Christopher Hartley said...

Bill O'Reilly? Are you serious? John, this man is not sane. I wouldn't pee on him if he were on fire.

Sat Mar 04, 01:53:00 PM 2006  
Blogger John Byrnes said...

As serious as you are about Soledad O'Brien. Well maybe not, I skipped Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham, all of whom I adore.

Sun Mar 05, 06:26:00 PM 2006  

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