Monday, April 09, 2007

Mario Lozano Update

Today Mario Lozano spoke publicly to the NY Post about the incident that killed Italian agent Nicola Calipari and wounded journalist Guilinana Sgrena. He had been reluctant to talk openly about his experience. But his trial scheduled to begin in barely a week, and he is ready to fight the absurd charges against him.

As today’s story pointed out, the US and Italian accountts are vastly different. The Italian Investigators and Sgrena herself have seized on the number of rounds missing from the drum, ignoring the testimony of US soldiers. Sgrena believes that all those rounds were fired at her and hit her car, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

She maintains this accusation in her book Friendly Fire, and in all the public appearances that she has made since the incident. These appearances belie her agenda, which has been anti-American and anti-war from the beginning. Of course she denies she’s hawking her book to make money.

Sgrena has been shameless about telling her story in public, for two years. It takes hard work to stay in the spotlight. Meanwhile she has stated that she may have been targeted for assassination.

These soldier’s carried the wounded Sgrena to their humvee, and raced her to the hospital. They moved their own vehicles, which Italian investigators took as evidence of cover up. So much for gratitude

Now after two years of bashing Lozano in the media, Sgrena asserts that a trial will determine the facts. Was she ever really interested in the facts?

The fact is that the driver of her vehicle told a sergeant on the scene that he had not been tracking his speed. But he admitted he was driving fast, because he heard other weapons shooting, and wanted to get to the airport.

Sgrena and her supporters will continue to insist the car wasn’t speeding. Perhaps not by Italian highway standards, but a vehicle coming straight at you that won’t stop is scary. Especially when car bombs are a regular part of life.

Another fact is that the Italians don’t have any real jurisdiction.

Mario Lozano will not appear in Italian court. Not for this show trial. But he may answer the charges. Several prestigious civilian attorneys are offering their help. Lawyers who experts at demolishing fictions. The Italians, and Sgrena may have bitten off too much. Meanwhile the soldiers and the Friends of NY’s 69th Infantry are standing by him.

Defend Mario Lozano

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