Tuesday, August 23, 2005


If you tuned in to MSNBC tonight at 7 PM Eastern Time, you saw me debate Lt. Paul Reikoff on Hardball. Paul stood in for Sen. Hagel calling to abandon Iraq. Fact is, I know Paul well and serve with him in the same unit of The National Guard. We just disagree politically, and his position is far more rational then Sen Hagel's most recent statements. On the other hand like Sen Hagel he was more interested in pointing out what he thinks is wrong then making positive suggestions.
On another note the NY Post version of my views on Hagel has drawn some interesting rebuttals This is from my favorite. We have met the enemy and he is us!

anytime somebody say the true, it become a manner of
critic in this country. The U N, France, Germany,
China, Rusia was against the war in Iraq and them
become a critic of the USA.

today The iraqui people was better with Saddam in
power that with the USA in Iraq, Today Iraq became a
killing field. The USA has Kill more Iraqui in the two
years, That Saddam kill in the 35 years in power.

The USA trying to fool the world with the lie about
foreign fighter pouring into iraq to face off our
the Iraqui people dont
want the America in their Country, what america should
start doing is sending to Iraq all does SENATOR KID'S
that vote in favor for the war between the age of 18 -
30 a least one to the war including the President
Daughter as real support for our Forces, it's not fair
that our country is at war at the President Daughter
is going around doing durty dancing in the Bar and the
son of much off this senator playing GOLF went the
poor american children are fighting in iraq for no
There was no reason to go to war in Iraq the was
W.O.M.D in Iraq is was a BIG LIE to Invade Iraq.

my regards

How eloquent!!!
I pray this is satire!!!!!


Blogger bethtopaz said...

It looks like someone's very poor attempt at being an Iraqi.

Tue Aug 23, 11:38:00 PM 2005  

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