Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mario Lozano Sit Rep.

Just a couple of quick Notes:

I am including the URLs because I understand some readers can't always access the hyperlinks.

Great Op-Ed piece in todays NY Post on Mario.

Also there is a new information website being built at defendlozano.org

And we are still raising money at The Friends of the 69th

Additionally, donations can be made payable to Friends of the Fighting 69th, Attn.: SPC Lozano Defense Fund, P.O. Box 7473, New York, NY 10150.

The trial is less than one week away. We are hoping to achieve an adjournment/postponement, but due to circumstances we are counting on the Italian attorney retained by the Army to handle this, and communications have so far been poor. Mario's new attorney will be meeting with the JAG and hopefully following through on this today and tomorrow. Also keep your eyes peeled for Mario's interview with the Beautiful Lara Logan, part of it should be on CBS evening news tonight.


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