Thursday, August 25, 2005


So now the left is focusing on George Bush’s vacation. Apparently none of their other approaches to criticism have resonated. So now it’s: “The president shouldn’t be on vacation during a war.” Or: “this is the longest presidential vacation in History.” These attacks, like so much of the left wing’s agenda are not only pointless distractions, they are completely dishonest.
When they say the US president is on Vacation at his Ranch in Crawford, it doesn’t mean what a vacation means to mere mortals. It’s not like he’s truly able to get away from his responsibilities. He is obviously in daily contact with the rest of the government. In the 21st century technology allows a virtual White House to follow the president anywhere. Meanwhile the congress and Supreme Court are recessed
In fact the president conducting plenty of business not only at Crawford, but he’s obviously been traveling, Utah, Idaho. What kind of vacation involves a speaking tour? From what I understand those can be kind of grueling.
So what is the president vacationing from? Obviously not the war. The president is completely in touch with the war. He is obviously able to administer the war from Crawford. He is vacationing from some of the daily minutiae of government. In the summer with congress recessed much of that is political. Meetings with PTAs, Boy Scouts and such. And hosting or attending diplomatic functions. Much of this and all that is important can be conducted in Crawford.
He certainly doesn’t get away from media scrutiny. Nor has he escaped criticism. In fact a troop of left wing loonies has camped out down the road, drawing media and criticism. The president has made countless media appearances in the last few weeks.
He’s been accused for the length of his time away. This is also silly. Teddy Roosevelt similarly turned His Sag Hill LI residence into a summer White House. And like Bush Teddy was fighting a nasty guerrilla war in a distant land, the Phillipines. The vacation from the war is really a total canard. It is the one priority he deals with most on his vacation.
As a soldier fighting in Iraq I got a vacation too. Most soldiers deployed to Iraq get a fifteen day R&R break. With the travel involved, it generally means a three week break from the war, since the fifteen day block starts and ends on US soil. My fifteen days, unlike the presidents, are work free. While I thought about the war, and talked about a bit, I was truly on vacation. The presiden still addresses national business daily. What kind of vacation is that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be kidding. The man is biking, hiking, fishing, and reading books. The same vacation he took in 2001 - when he received the August memo stating "terrorist plan to use planes to attack U.S." Yet he was on...vacation. It is amazing the blind faith you have in this man. Why are you so unwilling to acknowledge that he has makes mistakes?

Thu Aug 25, 02:41:00 PM 2005  

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