Friday, September 09, 2005

Lincoln must be weeping!

Cooper Union once a proud American cultural and intellectual institution has joined the ranks of the Blame America First movement. The college once hosted Abraham Lincoln as he made his decisive 1860 anti-slavery speech that defined his campaign, defined the Republican party and set the stage for the Civil War and eventual defeat of America’s most shameful social institution .

According to today’s NY Post the college is now hosting an art show that shames the school itself in it’s anti-american tenor. The show is sponsored by the despicable Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. This is the same group that hopes to put its anti patriotic sponsored museum at the WTC site when it is finally reconstructed. The exhibit includes works that bash the president and his cabinet as well as the military. According to the Post:

"One piece at Cooper Union shows Bush and his top Cabinet members as if they are in black-and-white police mug shots.
NFL star Tillman, who joined the military after the 9/11 attacks and was killed apparently accidentally by fellow Army Rangers in Afghanistan, is featured in what appears to be the cover of a mock magazine called "Friendly Fire."
"My death was tragic. My glory was short-lived. Flawed perceptions of myself, my country and the War on Terror resulted in the disastrous end to my life," a faked quote reads in the piece that pokes fun at a national hero."

While making fun of the president is something of an American pastime, it is outrageous that a major Academic institution be a party to something so disrespectful and accusatory. Worse is the portrayal of Tillman. The fact that Pat Tillman was killed by Friendly Fire doesn’t make him any less of a hero. He gave up a pro-football career because he believed in something bigger than himself. He believed there was something more important than making big money. That something was the United States of America and the freedom that we as a nation stand for.

Freedom that once resonated in the words Abraham Lincoln at Cooper Union. Yes the very freedom that gives the school and the LMCC creeps the right to display this exhibit however poor its taste and inaccurate it message is. But that doesn’t mean it is right. It’s the same freedom that allows the Ward Churchills and Nick deGenovas of the world to stand up and express there insane world views.

The rest of us have rights too. We have the right to see that views like these no longer overwhelm the ivory tower and poison the mind of college students with one sided and dishonest accounts of America’s story. We have the right protest to Cooper Union and every other American college and university that we are tired of this, that it is unacceptable to present this distorted, biased and hateful message without balancing it with the truth.

We have the right as Americans and particularly those of us who are New Yorkers, to protest the inclusion of these people’s ideas at the ground zero memorial. Make your voices heard. Tell those who hate America that if they don’t like it here, we’d appreciate it if they kept it to themselves, because most of us in this country recognize freedom and heroes when we see them.

To express your views to Cooper Union email:

To express your views to the Lower Manhattan Development Council and keep these people off our memorial go to:


To tell the left wing America hating artists of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, that they’re plain wrong email:

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Slightly off-topic, but (I think) appropriate considering the date: We share your concern regarding the lack of 'appropriate' 9/11 memorials. We've put our own 5 minute video memorial online. No burning buildings, no rubble, no explosions, no speeches, no screeches, no Bin Laden, no bodies. Just a remembrance of some people whose lives were cut short through no fault of their own, with poignant candid snapshots from their lives, and music.

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