Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Code Pink Sinks To New Low!

This is HOT NEWS. Demonstrating that they have absolutely no shame, decency, morals or contact with reality the Code Pink Movement is now blaming infiltrators along with conservatives and counterprotesters for recent bad press. CNS is running the full story.

Code Pink is claiming that they have been "targeted" for right wing attacks. They have claimed that the most provocative signs such as the Maimed for a Lie" sign, have been brought in by outsiders, provocateurs.

While some members of the group now claim that such signs are disruptive to what was meant to be a vigil, others are sticking to there guns.

Laura Costas, a Code Pink spokeswoman, insisted that such signs as "Maimed for a Lie," were appropriate.

"If that's how somebody feels about it, they're entitled to that," Costas said during an appearance on the Fox News Channel program, "Hannity and Colmes."

This demonstrates just how despicable and how stupid these people really are. After spending the Summer harassing families and provoking the wounded heroes laid up inside Walter Reed, they are surprised to find that no one finds their publicity stunt attractive.

So in the tradtion of liberals every where when challenged they do two things. They blame a right wing conspiracy, and they lie. Of course this was never described as a vigil, until the scrutiny of CNS and bloggers brought the story into focus.

But lets be realistic. Was it an agent provacateur or co-founder Jodie Evans who spoke up and offered support for Iraqi insurgents, before she ever said a kind word about our troops? Was it an interloper or her partner in slime Medea Benjamin who said that the Viet Cong weren't such bad guys either and we should sympathize with our enemies?

The leadership of this organization is about as morally bankrupt as an American citizen can be. They are slaves to the blame America first syndrome. Victims of a deep self loathing, they see good only in distant intangible movements. They cannot connect with the essential goodness of America or Americans, because they are at war with themselves.

Now when faced with the reality that their message is out of touch, they are back pedaling, denying. And re-labeling too, how Orwellian. They are now blaming the right for calling negative attention too their obscene little picket line. A Vigil!? Please when have any of you ever prayed in Vigil? For American Soldiers? For anyone?

Why would we believe that the anti-soldier signs are the work of infiltrators? Traitors yes, at least in spirit. Because that is the spirit of this group. It was founded by a group of obvious socialists. Another leader Kevin McCarron is a contributor to the Socialist Review.

Wake up lefties. You are the infiltrators. You are the conspirators. We, on the right are only telling the truth. Here to call BS on the constant shell games you try to run on the American people.

I know you won't give up. You're too stubborn and too stupid. You have invested your entire self worth, what there is of it, in an obsolete banrupt ideology. But do us all a favor and give up at least, on this little nasty protest. Go home! Give those Kids in the hospital a break. Give their families a rest too.

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Blogger bethtopaz said...

Write on, John!! I couldn't say it any better!

Tue Aug 30, 09:10:00 PM 2005  
Blogger NYgirl said...

How can they say they're being "targeted". Their tactics are designed to get attention. They got what they were asking for.

Wed Aug 31, 08:33:00 PM 2005  

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