Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why I Hate Hillary #42!

In yesterday’s NY Post Hillary Clinton once again demonstrated her total lack of real concern for New Yorkers. In a “Hurray for Me” brag piece on the op-ed page Hillary plays up her role in keeping NY State bases open. First of all while I certianly agree with a strong defense, I loathe seeing that ideal perverted into a save my base, so I can keep my office, scramble. In the case of the recent BRAC hearings and suggestions, I think that the commission used a flawed methodology, and it was wise to adjust some of their proposals.

That said, Hillary makes a poor case for why these particular bases needed to be kept open. And she names bases that were never really in danger from the axe anyway. What’s worse is she brags about how much she cares about New Yorkers in the military.

Let’s see how much she cares about real New Yorkers in the military. She doesn’t once mention the number of NY National Guardsmen or reservists who have bravely deployed to Iraq. This is despite the fact that most of these people have families and roots in NY. She does mention her darling unit, the 10th Mountain division’s, deployment to Afghanistan. Hey the 10th is a great unit; I’ve worked with them. But it’s interesting how Hillary has adopted them, she mentions them in the article, she’s visited them in Afghanistan.

That’s better treatment than our homegrown citizen soldiers get from her. Since 2003 thousands of New Yorkers in National Guard and reserve units have deployed to Iraq, and to Afghanistan. Among the units she can’t seem to remember to mention are three National Guard and one Reserve MP company all of whom have seen action in Iraq.

She also neglects the headquarters unit of the 42nd ID (the storied rainbow division) now in Iraq. She snubs the recently returned 2-108th Infantry battalion, as well as the famous fighting Irish of the 1-69th Infantry, returning this week. That’s right fourteen fallen heroes later Senator Clinton couldn’t think to mention the fighting 69th’s upcoming homecoming.

Of course, I’m sure she had no plans to welcome them home anyway. At least that’s the treatment we got. I returned with the 2-108th In. in January. Upon our return we had re-deployment ceremony on January 2. This was the first NY Infantry battalion deployed to fight overseas in fifty years. We lost three brave soldiers and sent home a dozen more wounded. Clinton didn’t come. She didn’t send a representative. She couldn’t even be bothered sending a message to be read.

Again no surprise! She gave us the same snub before we deployed avoiding that ceremony in February of 2003, the same month she took a photo op in Afghanistan with the 10th. I won’t swear to it but I’m pretty sure she gave the 69th and the 42nd and all those smaller units the same treatment. Her senior partner Chuck Schumer was just as silent, but at least he’s had the decency to stay silent on this issue. Did I just use Schumer and decent in the same argument? Oh my! I guess Hillary really has me worked up.

I have to wonder why we’re so invisible to her. She seems to LOVE the 10th Mountain. Maybe it’s because like her, they are essentially just visiting NY, passing through on the way to somewhere else. Hopefully a promotion! Is that why she ignores the real NY citizen soldiers? Because she’s over us already, on her way to a bigger better national constituency?

I guess I’ll never know for sure. But I know she shouldn’t be bragging about how much she cares about NY State and its military. Except as press-bait, I can’t see, that she cares for NY soldiers at all.

For a great piece on the Justice of War see Random Jottings


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