Friday, August 26, 2005

Cindy's19th Nervous Breakdown!

I swore I wouldn’t give her another drop of ink. I promised I would avoid contributing again to the sound and fury associated with her name. Yet here I am, speaking once again to Cindy Sheehan. But, someone please get this woman some help. Her grief has obviously caused some sort of deep psychosis and we in the media should do what we can to call attention to this.

Wednesday night she spoke at length to reporters. For about fifteen minutes. Her story is old, and she didn’t reveal anything new, so it didn’t make a big splash. But it did reveal how truly out of touch the combination of grief, fame and the isolation of hearing everything through sycophants, has left her.

Her entire speech was composed of the deluded ravings of a broken mind. This is not the beat Cindy up hour. I’m seriously concerned that she needs psychiatric attention. Grief can do real damage. It’s almost necessary to repeat her entire speech but I’ll try to focus on the most revealing portions.

Jon Stewart said, “Well apparently they are trying to stop Vietnam.” You know and that kind of offended me because maybe if we had really stopped Vietnam, Iraq wouldn’t have happened. You know we, I think it was such a long struggle that after Vietnam, I’m not going to take any credit or blame for this because I was really young, it was just like well we got our troops out now we don’t have to make sure they never do this to our kids again. And I am going to make sure that after our troops are brought home from Iraq, and they will be brought back, that we’re going to keep the Camp Casey movement going and we’re gonna make sure that our kids are never sent to fight a war for power and greed.

Cindy Sheehan really believes that if her cohort and their babysitters had just been a bit shriller thirty five years ago we wouldn’t have needed to fight in Iraq. There was nothing wrong with Saddam Hussein, or the Baath party. It’s just that the hippie freaks who allowed Vietnam to fall under a communist dictatorship didn’t follow through. See you guys should have showed up on Election Day in 1980. But you were all probably too busy admiring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Those kids put you hippies to shame.

I’m thinking probably, probably the country is kind of going to take me at my word from now on. They are going to know that I’m not going to give up and today was really hard when I came in and saw Casey bigger than life over there. I miss him so much and I miss him more every day, but like that song “Joe Hill,” Casey’s not dead. I see him in all of your eyes and Casey will never die.

That’s exactly right Cindy, we’ve all been sitting around for the last 5 years waiting for a new national leader to step up to the plate and say:

“I see dead people”

Now that you’ve done it we’re all listening. What should we do? You must have all the answers, you have absolute authority. What should we do?

You know, I’m here because of Casey, we’re all here because of Casey and you know lit erally there is, there is over 2000 of our brave young people and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and I know they are behind us, and I see them, all their faces on your faces.

More dead people!

Casey was such a gentle kind loving person. He never even got in one fist fight his whole life.

He joined the Army Mom! During a war! Unless you raised a total idiot he must have had some idea violence might be involved! Did you raise an idiot? Or did you miss the signals that like other young men he longed to test his mettle?

Nobody even hated him enough to punch him let alone kill him, and that’s what George Bush did. He put our kids in another person’s country and Casey was killed by insurgents. He wasn’t killed by terrorists. He was killed by Shiite militia who wanted him out of the country, when Casey was told he was going to be welcomed with chocolate and flowers as a liberator. Well, the people of Iraq saw it differently. They saw him as an occupier.

George Bush didn’t hate your son, George Bush didn’t kill him. Terrorists did. The Shiite militias were terrorists too. The Shiites were already in a strong position, but one young hothead among them named Muqtada Sadr, didn’t like the size of his piece of pie. Knowing that he had no moral authority to challenge Sistani and the other real Shiite leaders he declared war on coalition forces, Casey was killed because an evil man in Iraq saw him as a bargaining chip.

Casey wasn’t told anything about chocolate and flowers. I deployed to Iraq in 2004 too. I can assure you maam, the briefings were all about how dangerous it would be.
He always wanted to serve. He thought he was giving something back to his country and community, also having been lied to by his recruiter. So, then for my boy to be killed in a war -- I don’t know if you moms did the same thing, but when I would nurse him I would promise him I would never let him go to war, you know, and I broke that promise to him.

Well I’ll admit that recruiters can lie, but it sounds like Casey did what he wanted to. He served. With honor. He gave back, I’m proud to have served with him, though I never knew him. And how could you promise that, and why? Were you that obsessed with war at his birth? No wonder he wanted to be a Soldier.

We’re here because we want to make it so our kids, their deaths stand for peace and love, and this is what is at Camp Casey. And you know some people are saying, “Oh what are guys trying to do, recreate the sixties?” Oh yeah, peace and love is a really bad thing. You know it’s been something that’s been missing in our country for decades and I’m not ashamed, you know, I’m not ashamed to say that this is a place where you can come and feel loved. You know this is the place where the end of the occupation of Iraq started.

Your son’s death already stands for peace. The peace of the weak protected from the strong. Because unfortunately the world is not, never was, and never will be the ideal of the sixties. Real peace needs to be defended by brave strong men. The Iraqi’s have brave strong men, and when enough of them are ready, then the occupation will end.

And this is it, this is where it’s going to begin and we’re not going stop today, we’re not going to stop on the 31st. We’re not going stop ever, ever. We will make sure that this keeps on going. We won’t have a war, another war, in 30 or 40 years, where we’ll be saying, “Oh this is another Iraq.” You know, no, it’s not going to ever happen again. It’s not going to just be me. It’s going to be me with the millions of people who are behind us, making sure that that will happen.

Please? The sixties really are over. There’ll be another war somewhere next year. And somewhere else after that. Not because I say so. Not because I don’t want peace. I do. I ‘m a soldier and I have a mother too, and I never want her to go through what you have. But men like Saddam Hussein and Kim Il Jong and others only respect strength, and they will always test us. Your little picnic on the president’s lawn won’t change the world, it won’t even make you feel better.

Go home Mrs Sheehan. Get some rest. And call someone. A priest, a grief counselor, a psychiatrist, but please get some help.


Blogger BE said...

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Fri Aug 26, 05:14:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

its called the anti-war movement. sheehan is a part of it. and others have rallied around her. people in this country are realizing the mess that we've created and want to bring the troops home. there's nothing wrong with her, you just disagree with her. the personal attacks though, well, they seem very juvenile.

Sat Aug 27, 08:14:00 AM 2005  
Anonymous Gerry said...

Cindy is a long time anti- everything protester. Supporting radical causes for many years. The loss of her son was an opportunity for her to gain center stage and the spotlight making her wildest dreams come true. The left, or liberals are backing the wrong horse as she really fills the bill as a fruitloop.I only feel sorry for her family and her son whose name she dishonors. As for personal attacks being juvenile, how about bringing the troops back and leaving Iraq to civil war? I call that thought juvenile and dangerous. We owe it to the Iraqi's in order to finish what we started, reguardless of how it was started.

Sat Aug 27, 12:33:00 PM 2005  
Blogger bethtopaz said...

millions are behind her?

Sat Aug 27, 05:19:00 PM 2005  

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