Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Help The Vets.

If You live in NYC, you can cut and paste the following letter and send it to Mayor Mike Bloomberg by clicking on the this link.

Dear Mr. Mayor

I am writing to you as a veteran or a family member, a concerned citizen and/or a voter. As you are likely aware on Friday April 28, Council Hiram Monserrate held a hearing in his role as Chair of the Veteran’s committee of the City Council. The matter before the committee was Int 298, a proposal to amend section 14 of the New York City Charter, adding a subsection E that would essentially fund and create five veterans resource centers in New York City, one for each borough.

You were represented at the hearing by Ms Clarice Joynes, the Director of the Mayors Office of Veteran’s Affairs (MOVA). She left the impression that as occurred last year you would not be likely to support this initiative. This is a shame. With a staff of three and a budget of $182,000 or so, MOVA can do little to positively affect the lives of New York City’s veterans.

Veteran’s who need more help than the combined resources of the Federal, State and City governments can now achieve. In addition to the Veterans of Vietnam and previous eras some of whose problems still haunt this city in terms of untreated mental illness and homelessness, we are experiencing a new wave of veterans who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. These veterans are and will experience some of the same issues. There are hundreds of homeless veterans in NYC who served in the most recent conflicts.

Many of NYCs veterans today are guardsmen and reservists. We stood at ground zero when we were called. We secured NY’s airports for months to reassure a terrified flying public, assuring NY’s economic wellbeing. We continue to guard subways and commuter rails, stations and trainyards, as needed. Many more are young men and women who inspired by 9-11 enlisted in the Armed Forces to avenge that bloody day. Together we have fought several countries. We have helped overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan, where Bin Laden hatched his horrific plot and Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
In light of this service to City, State and Nation, I believe that we the city can do more to help our city’s veteran population, and I can’t think of one compelling reason not to. With that in mind I am asking you to support the proposal with the full weight of your office. Thank you.



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