Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lozano Trial Watch

Not much movement over the last two days. Mario should finally be signing a retainer agreement with the lead counsel on his civilian defense team. Once this happens we will issue a press release detailing who we have chosen. Some of you already know.

Meanwhile members of the JAG Corps have continued to drag their collective heals on this. The Italian Lawyer they have chosen has been silent. Deadly silent. Mario has not heard from him in two weeks.

On other blog pages one member of the JAG,Army Lawyer, apparently un-related to this case has called me alarmist for trying to get the word out that Mario needs help. He makes the same incredibly appalling arguments that the JAG lawyers on the case do. That fighting this case on its lack of merit is the wrong approach. He does concede that Mario should have a good civilian lawyer, but doesn't like the fact that his beloved JAG corps is being criticized. Oh well isn't the constitution great?

I'll be off working for a real branch of the Army this weekend, the Infantry. So posts will be delayed. But a Paypal link directly to Mario's DefenseFund will be here soon.


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