Friday, July 20, 2007

Update "Kind of"

Erika asked me in a comment today: What's going on with the Mario Lozano case. Great Question.

Mario's case was postponed again in Italy on July 10th. The judge postponed until September 27th. Our Italian lawyer, Alberto Biffani requested a dismissal on the grounds that the Italian courts do not have jurisdiction. A combination of UN resolutions from both the general assembly and the security council, CPA orders, and Iraqi lawtogether indicate that US forces in Iraq have jurisdiction over our own soldiers.

The Italian courts are bound to respect UN resolutions. The prosecutors are claiming that US jurisdiction is not "exclusive" but a 1909 Hague tribunal ruling seems to indicate we do.

It seems the Italian judge wants some time to do his own research, although our legal team only took about two days. Best guess is the case is dismissed in September. Meanwhile we're still raising money for Mario @ Mario Lozano's Defense Fund

Now how about that surge huh?


Anonymous Erika said...

Thank you for the update "kind of"! It is good to know since we were "assigned" Mario, to support him in prayer, when we "adopted" him in the Adopt a Troop program sponsored by the Presidential Prayer Team. He certainly deserves the support and we are praying!

Sun Aug 05, 10:31:00 PM 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Blog. I stumbled acrossed it when doing a google serch of Ad Dujayl. I was with the WI unit that replaced A Co 2-108. I am interested in any all news about AD you may have picked up since then.

Fri Oct 26, 01:35:00 PM 2007  

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