Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mario Lozano News Brief

Most important. We are still fundraising. If you haven't yet, please hit DONATE and make a contribution. Mario is still fighting this case, and he needs our help.

A big thanks to Rog Charles over at Soldiers for the Truth. He posted a fundraising appeal for us.

We will be running fundraising events in and around New York City and Tampa in the future so if your interested in attending one of these (or hosting one) email me at

Not much that's new to report. Ed Hayes who's the lead counsel here in New York has been gathering evidence and interviewing potential witnesses. He is closely coordinating with Greg Kehoe in Tampa, Alberto Biffani in Italy and new full time lawyers from the Army's JAG corps. Ed is has stressed how professional and sharp everyone involved is, especially the Italian, Biffani who was an unknown quantity.

Mario has absolutely the best possible legal team available. People I talk to constantly ask me: Why doesn't the Army just pay for his lawyers? It is an unfortunate byproduct of bureaucracy, but no branch of the federal government is going to splurge on a team of top ecehelon criminal and international lawyers. It is unprecedented and exceptional that the government is paying for Alberto Biffani in Italy.

But Biffani can't do it alone. Most of the witnesses and Mario are in New York. So the governement has done what it can. Now the people have to help to. Remember We The People are thge fourth branch of government. It is on our shoulders to help defend those who like Mario Lozano who would defend us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John--Just to make sure I understand you here, Hayes and Kehoe are not taking the case pro bono here?

I'm glad to hear Spc. Lozano has a top flight legal team; it's a shame that he's having to pay for it, unlike the dtainees at Gitmo.

--See Dubya

Fri Apr 27, 08:20:00 PM 2007  
Blogger John Byrnes said...

Hayes and Kehoe are working cheaper than usual, but no not Pro Bono. We need help paying for this.

Fri Apr 27, 08:25:00 PM 2007  

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