Thursday, August 25, 2005

How Low will they Go?

One sign of weakness in an opponent is the vicious desperate attack of equally weak targets in a fight. However, attacks in this vein are often pointless, ineffective and they tend to backfire. Just ask al-Qaeda how well it’s organization is doing since September 11, 2001. How far along are they in their goals. Apparently the left wing loonies in this country faced with the same level of desperation are adapting their own deplorable tactics.
How else can one explain the presence of Code Pink Women for Peace at Walter Reed Hospital? Walter Reed now scheduled to close its doors and merge with Bethesda Naval Hospital, is the premier US Army medical facility. It is the hospital where hundreds of soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan come for treatment and rehabilitation, including many with severe injuries such as loss of limb..
What’s particularly horrible about this is that the Code Pink organization has openly expressed its hostility not only to the Bush administration, but to soldiers themselves. At least that’s the way this old soldier would interpret the support that Code Pink Leader Jodie Evan’s statements supporting the insurgents in Iraq. In a post on her blog she said the following.
“We must begin by really standing with the Iraqi people and their right to resist. I can remain myself against all forms of violence, and yet I cannot judge what someone has to do when pushed to the wall to protect all they love. What does the Iraqi resistance have to lose? They are fighting for their country, to protect their families and to preserve all they love. They are fighting for their lives, and we are fighting for lies. It is so amazingly obvious; we must get out of Iraq now. They will rebuild their country, it will take time, a long time, but they cannot start until we are gone.”
I think I’m safe in saying, that most of the soldiers inside that hospital felt like they were fighting In Iraq for their families and certain fighting for their lives when they were wounded. The plain fact is that most of those soldiers were injured by attacks initiated by the insurgents. Most of these attacks are roadside bombs, car bombs, or mortar attacks on US bases. It’s hard to see these attacks as any sort of self defense.
These insurgents are primarily Saddam’s loyal Sunni Baathists and terrorist from foreign Arab states. The things that they love are despotism, cronyism, torture, murder rape and the subjugation of women. The things they hate are Americans, democracy, economic empowerment, and freedom. The kind of freedoms that allow Code Pink to parade flag draped coffins and anti-soldier picket signs outside an Army hospital full of wounded soldiers. Those soldiers likely considered themselves to be working to further the interests all Iraqis. The only thing that’s amazingly obvious is much faster Iraq could be rebuilt with US assistance if the insurgents would quit the field. Such pro insurgent sentiments while poisonous are short enough of treason to be protected speech in a democracy. Barely!
Code Pink stands outside the Crawford ranch as well as Walter Reed. They say they stand there with the families of the fallen. But their only real compassion is for their own bankrupt cause. At Walter Reed the protesters favor visiting hours for their activity. Families, already in pain must run the gauntlet of protesters. Families who support their soldiers. Soldiers who believe in the choices they’ve made.
These protest tactics show the lack of real compassion for real people. Code Pink is in the forefront of the coalition that claims to speak for grieving families. Now they are trying to exploit the situation of wounded soldiers. I know they don’ speak for this soldier.
Obviously Code Pink has the right to this protest. But having a right doesn’t make you right. Code Pink is wrong, wrong at Crawford and wrong to be at Walter Reed. Like the terrorists they seem to feel a rapport with they are ineffectively striking out. This to is bound to backfire.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen and well put!

Thu Aug 25, 08:03:00 PM 2005  
Blogger bethtopaz said...

Shameful. Disgraceful. Unbelievable!

Apparently, now Cindy Sheehan is saying that the terrorists (or freedom fighters to her) were justified in killing her son because "they saw him as an occupier."

I am speechless in my disgust.

Fri Aug 26, 03:27:00 AM 2005  

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