Sunday, September 11, 2005

9 1 1 For Freedom!!!!

The recent revelation that the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council is sponsoring a an anti-administration, anti-military essentially anti-American art exhibit at Cooper Union merely confirms their complete unsuitability for involvement in the World Trade Center redevelopment effort. The display at the New York college is shameful, but it is a temporary exhibit and essentially harmless where it is. Located on the grounds of a private institution, it is displayed mainly to liberal partisans who seek it out.

The museum at the ground zero is another matter. This is shared public space, made secularly sacred to the tradition of American freedom. While there is certainly a place, indeed a need, for dissent in any celebration of freedom, such dissent should be appropriate. This is not a matter of censorship, but of community values.

New York City, NY State and America were struck by terrorist at the WTC on September 11, 2001. It was an assault on all of us as a community. Most of the victims were New Yorkers, almost all were Americans. Any memorial or cultural additions at ground zero, should respect this. How much more appropriate would a museum that reflects the real meaning of freedom be?

Segun Fredrick Akintade 34 years old was a NY city resident. Originally a Nigerian immigrant, he was a successful businessman working on a college degree at CCNY. Segun joined the National Guard in 2001, just a few months before September 11.
He was killed by an enemy ambush while returning from a mission in the desert, west of Ad Dujail on 28 Oct 2004.Segun became a citizen just before deploying. He was extremely sympathetic towards the Iraqis. Perhaps growing up in Nigeria explains why he understood, these people were the mission.

Christian Engledrum was a New York city firefighter, on September 11, 2001. He was also a sergeant in the National Guard. He initially responded to the 9-11 attacks with the FDNY. He responded to his nation’s war on terror in 2004 when he was called to duty in Iraq. Chris, and Akintade were in the same unit prior to deploying, but Segun was deployed to Iraq with the 2-108th Infantry, in early 2004. Chris deployed 9 months later with the 1-69th. They died only a month, and a few miles apart in Iraq, not having seen each other in more than a year.

Why can’t we have a Freedom Center that recognizes the sacrifices these two New Yorkers made in the name of freedom? Both men believed they were fighting for freedom. To preserve the freedoms we enjoy here in NY. To bring those freedoms to a people who had never enjoyed them. Today the International Freedom Center plans are in the hands of an organization that mocks these ideals.

Pat Tillman wasn’t a New Yorker. He was an American, who saw the attacks for what they were. He answered the attacks by placing his nation above himself, and choosing the Army above the NFL. He put freedom above finances. And he paid the ultimate price, dying in Afghanistan while fighting to ensure freedom continued to supplant Tyranny and Terror there.

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council disdains and belittles Tillman’s patriotism. In the Cooper Union exhibit they claim to speak in Tillman’s name to make their own political point, opposing not only the war in Iraq but our efforts in Afghanistan as well. Should these people define New York’s public face of freedom?

Let’s keep the Lower Manhattan Cultural Center out of our Freedom Center. Let’s create a Freedom Center that celebrates freedom not merely as a license to create political art in poor taste. Let’s create a Freedom Center that celebrates freedom as an essential value that underlies what America means. A value that is worth fighting for and even dying for. Let's stand up for our Freedom Center.

Contact the Lower Manhattan Development Corp

Or tell NY's Govenor Pataki.

And see "Take Back The Memorial"

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Blogger NYgirl said...

Just look at the Flight 93 memorial plans, we have to stand up & demand that 9/11 be protrayed propperly.

Sun Sep 11, 07:40:00 PM 2005  

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