Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Democratic Crimes.

I thought about calling this piece F--- the DSCC! That’s how angry the people at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have made me. Instead I’ll paint a picture of the absurd hypocrisy that this arm of the Democratic party is engaged in. Now anyone who’s known me for more than twenty minutes, or who can read, can tell I’m hardly likely to support a Democratic candidate for the Senate, well except for maybe Joe Lieberman. I’m certainly not interested in the propaganda and spin that these folks have been emailing me for months. I’m far too busy reading and writing Republican propaganda and spin
Somehow, probably due to correspondence with some Democratic functionary (I admit to having sent an angry email or two to Hillary Clinton), I ended up on this mailing list for emails. Now the DSSC as its name implies, is dedicated to electing or reelecting Democrats to the Senate. It’s a sub committee of the Democratic National Committee or DNC which is headed by moonbat commissar Howard Dean. The DSCC is chaired by Senator Chuck Schumer, who’s not a moonbat, but is annoying nonetheless. Schumer’s involvement is the key to the irony here.
After receiving a bunch of emails from the DSCC I realized that the value of “knowing the mind of my adversary” wasn’t worth the hassle of having their spam in my inbox. After all, if I wanted to know what Chuck Schumer and the DSCC think on any particular issue, I could just grab any copy of the NY Times. So after a particularly annoying newsletter, I hit the unsubscribe button on the latest email from left wing central. And I got a message saying that my IP address was temporarily restricted from transactions, try again tomorrow.
I let that slide. Two weeks later another DSCC email appeared in my inbox. Again I hit unsubscribe. Again no joy! For a while I just deleted them without opening them. Then I tried hitting reply and typing “Unsubscribe me!” Casey missed again. Eventually about a month ago, I made a phone call and asked to be removed from their email list. The intern who answered the phone wanted me to call back, when the “email guy” was back in the office. Eventually the intern’s boss, took my info. But alas the Spam continued.
Now here’s a fun fact! The Anti-Spam legislation that President Bush signed into law in December of 2003, requiring all unsolicited mail to have an unsubscribe feature was sponsored in the Senate by the senior senator from New York State, the Hon. Charles Schumer. That’s right the man who ramrodded federal anti-Spam legislation through the US Senate (and a job well done) is the chair of a Democratic Campaign Committee that is violating the very same law. Delicious!
Sen. Schumer is of course no stranger to hypocrisy, but this blatant violation seems remarkable. So again today I got DSCC Spam. I called and spoke to an intern at DSCC this afternoon, and I called attention to the irony of this situation. He had no answer as to why such a situation existed and he hung up on me when I mentioned that DSCC was in violation of a federal Statute. Eventually I got a hold of the DSCC staffer who handles internet communication. He apologized and “immediately” removed my name from the list. But he had no explanation as to why previous email and phone requests to be unsubscribed went unfulfilled. And all he could do was mumble “I can see your point” when I mentioned the violation of the law sponsored into being by their own chairman. Oh well I guess I should expect all of this from Democrats.